Ed's Cyber Security Solutions

Your small business & home computer solution. Providing security and technology for safe and effective business flow.

Since 1995, we've helped many small businesses & home users with solutions for their computer problems & needs.

Don't want to pack & haul your computers to a shop? Don't worry--we come to you!
Need help NOW? We can remote in to help with your computer issues.

We work on Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, and Linux computers. We can custom design, build and set up a server or NAS for your office or home network.

When was the last time you backed up your files? No one likes backups - who has the time or the money? Of course if your computer dies or you get infected with ransomware, you will wish that you had backed up yesterday. Call us today for a custom-designed backup solution for your computer or network.

Annoying popups? Locked out of your own computer? Do you need a coffee break while your computer boots up? Just call Ed, and get back control of your own computer!

Is your office HIPAA compliant? It can be.